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As part of Mark Harris’ excellent book on freediving, Glass and Water, I was asked to contribute insight into shooting clear and well-composed photographs of very large subjects such as whales. Here are some links to purchase the book and read reviews as well as Mark’s commentary below.


Deeper Blue Review




Mark Harris:

Four years ago I started to write a book, thinking it might take two years at the most. Had I not had a great deal of help, advice and encouragement, I’m sure it would have taken eight or more. Seeing as I am a Facebook friend of most contributors this seems an appropriate place to say, “thank you”.

I’ll start with Laura Storm , as she has put enough work into the project to be cited as a co-author had she accepted. Anyone who knows Laura will know of her talent as an underwater photographer, and that is evident throughout Glass and Water. The hours of proofreading, brainstorming and gentle persuasion are all hidden from view of course.

Alex Gibson is the visionary who is my publisher. Just for believing in my concept justifies immense gratitude. He has skilfully polished my final submission into something artfully stylish, which I hope will be well received – and so to Alex, my heartfelt thanks.

I have a long list of contributors who have all helped in different ways, and much as I would like to say how in each case, I don’t think Facebook readers would make it to the end. Likewise, I wouldn’t have made it to the end of Glass and Water without their help, whether the submission of a photo, article or advice.

My thanks go out to Doug AllanSamphire AmpsPaul ColleyDan Bolt,Frederic BuyleChris EasonMartin Edge, Sue Flood, Danny KesslerAnne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler, Pierre Lambreth,Terry Maas, David Saffs, Brian Skerry, Andrew Sutton, Inon Torii-sanSteve Warren and Shane Wasik.

A final thanks to the unsung heroes who allowed me or Laura to photograph them; to the incredible boat crews and knowledgeable dive guides, to others who aren’t on FB, and lastly to the nice friends who are going to buy the book!

To purchase a copy please visit the publisher’s website at Dived Up…/glass-water-essential-freediving-unde…/ or alternatively Amazon…/…/1909455105

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