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Steve Warren wrote an article for the February 2013 issue of Diver Magazine on the back of a successful trip to Gibraltar.

“Recent summers have yielded rich results for STEVE WARREN and his filming team, as they get used to spending time with pilot and killer whales, tuna, dolphins, loggerhead turtles, sunfish and other big marine animals. The location, you may be surprised to hear, is not that far away – its Gibraltar……”

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Long-finned Pilot Whale - Globicephala melas Location -   Straits of Gibraltar The pilot whales were resting near the surface on an unusually calm day and spy hopping across the remarkably flat water. The skipper who captained our boat had never in his 30 years on the water seen the Straits of Gibraltar as calm as this. There was not a ripple on the surface… except for the Pilot Whales. The calmness of the sea seemed to relax the whales which allowed me far closer to them than normal to enable me to get this shot of them mirrored against the incredibly flat surface in the dappled afternoon light. This was a very special experience. D700 in ND70 Subal housing 16mm f/2.8 fisheyes lens F5.6 1/350 sec ISO 1600