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Making Together workshop at Tate Modern with Noa Haim, Collective Paper Aesthetics which took place as part of the Belonging Together display
Photo © Danny Kessler


Making Together/ Paper Aesthetics | Saturday 18 June – McAulay Gallery, Clore Learning Centre

To celebrate the opening of new Tate Modern we are inviting the public to take part in a workshop with designer Noa Haim of Rotterdam based design initiative Collectivepaperaesthetics and artist Albert Potrony.
Visitors can drop in to the McAulay Gallery to create their own mini model of the new Switch House building. They can leave their impressions of the new building written on the paper model and add it to a growing collective artwork assembled over the course of the day. This collaborative making process provides a window into some of the working practices used by artists working with students, refugees and communities in the associated display ‘Belonging Together’ as part of Tate’s International learning project BP Art Exchange.



Noa at Tate

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